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NYKOR Pest Services is an Eco Friendly, competitively priced company based in the Los Angeles area that designs solutions to remove and prevent pests from invading home or commercial properties. We specialize in apartment complex, condominiums, commercial properties, and restaurants.

We have been in the business for 15 years and are the experts in cost effective solution to keep your property pest free. Our organic and Eco friendly products are gentle yet effective in keeping insects and rodents away without harming the environment. Most problems can be taken care of in one visit, but a recurring service will prevent additional problems. We understand the importance of having a pest-free environment not only for comfort and appearances, but for health and safety reason.

Our pest control specialists are prompt, clean, and professional.

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Nykor Pest Services Professional removal and control of:

  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Bees and wasps
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Rodents
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Moths
  • Rats/Bird Mites
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Westchester, South Bay Pest Control Services for:

  • Food service institutions
  • Housing complexes
  • Residential homes
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality industries
  • Industrial complexes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Manufacturing complexes
  • Health care institutions
  • Schools
  • Property management
  • Retail centers
  • Offices

Manhattan Beach Pest Control

Are you looking for reliable and experienced pest control in Manhattan Beach?

Nykor Pest Services provides safe and effective insect, rodent, pest control services in Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. Whether you have mice or rats at your business location; bed bugs at home, or bees in the backyard, our certified and trained pest management specialists provide discreet and efficient pest control in Manhattan Beach at reasonable rates.

Protect Your Property and The People On It

Aside from the stress and nuisance of a bug or rodent infestation on your Manhattan Beach property, unwanted pests pose a threat to health and safety and can cause significant damage to a home or business. Don’t suffer needlessly or waste time and money on insufficient home pest control remedies. Nykor Pest Services provides a team of experienced technicians who can provide proven pest control methods using advanced industry technology that is always effective yet safe for children and pets.

  • Emergency on call pest management services
  • Free pest control assessment
  • Onsite inspection by pest management professionals
  • Written guarantees and warranties
  • Licensed and insured pest control technicians
  • Green pest control solutions

Following an initial inspection, Nykor Pest Services recommends only the necessary and most appropriate services that eliminate pest problems and provide lasting peace of mind. Each of our programs is provided with a written guarantee and recommendations to avoid any recurrence.

Why Choose Nykor Pest Services Pest Control Services in Manhattan Beach?

Professional Pest Control vs Do-it-yourself methods

Inexperienced applications of store bought pest control products are rarely effective and may be unsafe for pets and children. In addition, bugs, rodents and other pests are adept at taking up residence within your home or workplace in areas you may not even be aware of. Only a pest management professional can provide the expertise and industry-grade products to ensure your property is rendered and remains, pest free.

The Safety of Pesticides

We are committed to providing pest control solutions that are highly effective yet safe for the environment and all occupants of your Manhattan Beach property. Our specially formulated products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and applied by fully trained and qualified technicians.

Pest Control Treatment Plans

Results will vary according to the precise characteristics of your pest problem. Your property layout, the products used, and the unique characteristics of your pest problem are factored into a customized pest control plan that provides effective results. Call us for a detailed consultation and a free estimate.


Tony at Nycor is a pro with Green solutions, he has managed to keep our termites under control, without drilling holes in the wood or tenting the house. His follow-up service and attention to detail is great. Highly recommend.

- Leeann and Spiros Karidis

Tony and Chris were fantastic to work with. I had a ton of questions about the process, chemicals used, and follow-ups and Tony took the time to answer my questions whether it be on the phone, through text, etc. He also sent over a ton of photos for us to send to our landlord.
We were dealing with Rat Mites from some rats that were up in our attic. If you haven't had rat/bird mites, they are awful. They are tiny little bugs that bit you throughout the day. Tony was the only exterminator nearby that could come by quickly. Beforehand, Tony gave us some preparation tasks so his treatment would be more effective. Everything worked out great for the upstairs.
With COVID-19, we are using the basement very regularly to workout, and started getting bit down there. We found a few more mites and it turns out there was another rat nest downstairs as well. As always, Tony was able to quickly come out and treat the area, providing in-depth before and after photos.
Since then, we have not had any issues and are extremely happy with the service Tony and Nykor provided. We will definitely call them back if any more work comes up in the future.

- Chris Stone

I just moved in a few weeks ago and had a crazy ant problem - there were probably over 600 ants in my house. In a panic, I called Tony at Nykor Pest Control and he sent someone WITHIN THE HOUR!!! It was amazing - and no more ants. Thank you!!!

- Patricia Kim Moon

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